A few specifics: how we will help our franchisees

Who is an ideal franchisee for us?

Experience in early childhood education or childcare is a definite plus. But what is really important to us is a love of children and education and the belief that ALL children deserve access to a quality early childhood experience with rich opportunities to grow and learn. They must also believe in the value of continuous learning and professional growth, and plan lessons that align with The Global Child™ philosophy and proprietary curriculum.

Because we understand that we are only as successful as the people who work each day in our schools and with our The Global Child™ children, we are big proponents of training - initial and then continual. We have created a training program and team that assists our franchisees in getting started and operating effectively in accordance with The Global Child™ missions and goals.

We will provide our franchisees with guidance in building their early childhood schools - including finding an appropriate location, funding, budgeting, compliance with licensing, selecting vendors and service providers, selecting appropriate furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces, and obtaining materials. We will assign one of our Development Directors to support each franchisee. Our goal is that when you become part of The Global Child™ team, you are poised for success and a fulfilling career as the owner of an early childhood school.

Using our Enriched Learning for Young Children™ resource your teachers can create weekly lesson plans and daily activities to ensure children have opportunities to foster learning in multiple areas, while also embedding the Spanish language into the daily routines. Our support will also include additional training modules, such as classroom management skills training, and access to other valuable childhood educational resources.