Where Kids Can Be Themselves

See what makes our local day care special in Bethel, CT

When you're looking for a day care, you're looking for one that will encourage your child to grow. At The Global Child Bethel, we help children reach learning and developmental goals. Our day care in Bethel, CT is a space where children can be themselves with all of the adult supervision and support they need.

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Discover our programs for each age group

Discover our programs for each age group

All of our programs include plenty of time for playing, resting and learning. We create different activities and engaging lessons for each age group. Your child can attend our:

  • Infants and toddlers program, for very small children
  • Preschool program, for ages 3-4
  • Pre-kindergarten program, for ages 4-5
  • Before-school program, for school-aged children
  • After-school program, for school-aged children
They'll get the right care for their developmental stage, such as educational play, reading and socializing in preschool. They'll get ready for school in pre-kindergarten, or get help with their studies in before- or after-school programs. To get the details about our day care programs, call 203-798-0015 right away.